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Strategic Financial Planning

Strategic Financial Planning enables you build for the long-term success of your business. It assists to forecast the business needs, particularly as the business environment can change, provides a structure to commence funding conversations early, allowing your business to build options and ensure financing is in place to allow for maximum growth in your business. 

A timeframe to achieve set goals and the resources required should be included as part of a costed Business Plan


A costed Business Plan 

The company has developed their strategic business plan hand in hand with their financial plan, identifying the realistic financial needs of the business to deliver the planned strategy.

Agile Business Plan

Management consistently revisit their business plan to integrate actual performance and revisit assumptions, timelines and cashflows. 

Forward Looking Strategy

Management integrate changing markets and trends into their business plan, and do not rely on historic experience.

Business Plan Ownership

The business strategy is the responsibility of the entire senior team. When properly integrated, finance will be an enabler but handled poorly, it will be a constraint.