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Founders Forum – Latest News

Sean Ellis Product Market Fit

Sean Ellis Deck to the Forum

Product Market Fit – Sean Ellis

Founders Forum Keynote Speaker – Sean Ellis discusses Product Market Fit.

HPSU Founders Forum Insights 7: Remote Teams

Emer O’Donnell of Select Strategies is joined by Shane Evans of Scraping Hub to discuss management of remote teams.

Founders Forum Insights 6: Update on HPSU funding

Emer O’Donnell of Select Strategies is joined by Niall McEvoy of Enterprise Ireland to outline new financial supports.

Founders Forum Insights Series 5: Funding landscape 2020

Emer O’Donnell of Select Strategies is joined by a panel of experts on the topic of funding for start-ups.

HPSU Crisis Supports : Remote Selling

Paul O’Dea of Select Strategies and Founders Forum programme manager, Emer O’Donnell discuss remote selling.

HPSU crisis supports

Niall McEvoy from the Enterprise Ireland HPSU team shares some updated info on HPSU supports.

HPSU crisis supports

Niall McEvoy of Enterprise Ireland shares some insight into the supports available to HPSU companies to get them through this crisis.

Financial Health Checklist for startups

Paul O’Dea and Alan Kelly going through Financial Health Checklist for startups.

Founders Forum Insights

HPSU Founders Forum Financial Health Checklist.

Healthcare Innovation During a Pandemic

Dublin Business Innovation Centre in a weekly series during the Covid -19 pandemic discussing digital healthcare innovation and how healthcare will have changed forever after the pandemic.

Brian Shields of Neurent Medical announced as the 2019 Founder of the Year

Brian Shields of Neurent Medical announced Founder of the Year – 2019

Meet the Founders Forum Team

Upcoming Events

We have transitioned Founders Forum to a virtual model for now due to the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic. This model has been up and running successfully from late March 2020.  We hope to be back to in-person events soon – updates will be posted when possible.


The Founders Forum Canvas is a key tool to help you to develop your business while participating on HPSU Founders Forum. The canvas covers 7 key areas:

  1. Customer Segments
  2. Problem
  3. Value Proposition
  4. Customer Acquisition
  5. Measuring Progress
  6. Team Capability, and
  7. Finance.

Introduction to Founders Forum Canvas Presentation can be downloaded below.

About Founders Forum

Benefits Of Taking Part

The HPSU Founders Forum gives you an environment where you can address issues, share challenges, seek support, reflect and learn from your peers and other Founders who are further along the journey. The Forum brings together CEO Founders like you who are committed to building and scaling their companies internationally.

Paul O’Dea from Select Strategies describes the benefits of the Forum to serial entrepreneurs 


Paul O’ Dea from Select Strategies outlines some of the benefits and impacts of the Forum