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Enterprise Ireland

What is Enterprise Ireland?  


Enterprise Ireland is the government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets.  We work in partnership with Irish enterprises to help them start, grow, innovate and win export sales in global markets.  In this way, we support sustainable economic growth, regional development and secure employment.

What does the Client Management Development Division do? 

The Client Management Development Division within Enterprise Ireland was set up to inspire CEOs and their senior teams to have the ambition, confidence and ability to grow their businesses globally. We design and deliver customised leadership and development programmes and eLearning supports to support clients on their export journey, addressing the learning and development needs.  Our offers include strategic programmes that create transformational business change to flexible short programmes, addressing short term business issues.  You will find information about all of our programmes in the EI Programme section of this website.

What is eiLearn? 

eiLearn this new and innovative eLearning platform has been designed to help Irish businesses overcome key challenges as they grow their business globally.  eiLearn is an online learning resource where you can access over 450 pieces of customised content designed especially for Irish Start-ups and SMEs audiences.  As you navigate through this platform you will find practical insights from key thought leaders, experienced practitioners and you will hear top tips from Irish CEOs and Founders who share their own personal stories, explaining how they overcame key challenges when growing their business internationally.  The content – videos, articles, podcasts and infographics are aligned around 6 key business pillars essential for growing your business Finance, People and Management, Sales and Marketing, Strategy, Innovation and Operations.  It is designed this way to help you find the right content quickly.  You will also find information about our Mentoring Programme and Leadership programmes open for Enterprise Ireland clients.

Growing a business and making it ready to tackle international markets can be a daunting prospect! eiLearn can support you on this journey.

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