My journey as an IT student from the admission process to weekly classes

My journey as an IT student from the admission process to weekly classes

Hello everyone! My name is Camila, I’m from Brazil, and I study a Bachelors in Science Computing and Information Technology. I study at CCT College Dublin. Here’s my journey all the way from the admission process to weekly classes. I hope you find it helpful! 

Choosing my course and college

In the modern age, we have been seeing the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, drones, IoT, cryptocurrency, and more. Technology is everywhere and impacts the lives of many people worldwide. There’s a saying that technology is the future and I believe the future has started. It is also a field which offers many job opportunities, a good salary and huge possibilities for career growth. I find this fascinating and, for those reasons, I have decided to pursue a degree in IT.  

When I was considering my options, I talked to many friends and poured over recommendations on websites which eventually led me to CCT College Dublin. The college has a very central location in the heart of Dublin with easy access to different modes of transport such as the Luas (Dublin’s tram), the Dart (the electric rail system) and buses.  

Apart from the location, the college is accredited by the Irish Agency of Quality and Qualifications of Ireland (QQI), the Irish organisation responsible for validation and quality assurance of the education and training providers in Ireland. Additionally, it has a good cost benefit and excellent quality in terms of lectures and infrastructure.  

The admission process

Let’s dive into deep water and talk about the admission process. Luckily, this was very straightforward. I had to go to the Admissions Office of the college to sign up for the course. Some documents are required for the enrolment, so I advise you to check their website to find this information. After I paid tuition fees and governmental health insurance, I received my acceptance letter, receipts and insurance policy to bring to immigration in order to apply for the student visa. 

It is required for non-native English speakers to take an English test which is offered by the college to prove their language proficiency. I did not have to take the test, because I had my IELTS certificate up to date, so you might consider doing the same before enrolling as it can save you some time. The English language competency requirement is B2+ (IELTS 6.0).  

The course curriculum 

Moving to the course curriculum itself, I can assure you that it is very comprehensive. We normally have 5 modules for each semester in the areas of Programming, Networks, Cloud Computing, Web Development, etc. The classes usually take place three days per week in different periods (morning, afternoon or both) depending on the timetable released for each semester.  

Each class is two and a half hours long, with a ten minute break. Although the breaks are short, my friends and I always find a bit of time to sneak out to the nearest coffee shop to grab a quick takeaway coffee. There’s a thirty minute lunch break, and so we’re able to either go out for a meal or to the canteen of the college which has a microwave and other facilities. 

The classes are dynamic and involve a lot of hands-on activities. The Networking classes for example are divided in theoretical sections followed by more practical exercises using the software Packet Tracer. On the Operating System classes we use Virtual Machines to use either Linux or Windows and we practise the content we’re learning. 

However, college is not limited to these activities in class. Multiple assessments are required throughout the semester. Before the pandemic, I would spend many of my days working in the college library. The library is a very convenient place for studying and group activities since there is an option to book a room for group meetings.  

Overall, my college experience has been great so far. I’ve been learning so much which is going to help me with my career. I’ve met great teachers and friends who I really admire. I have had the chance to study abroad in a language which is not my mother tongue. These experiences are priceless, and my academic  journey is one of the best achievements of my life. 

Camila Pulz de Faria, originally from Brazil, studies a QQI Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computing and Information Technology at CCT College Dublin

Are you a beach or a mountain person?

Are you a beach or a mountain person?

Bindhu Purushothaman, a Masters student originally from India, writes about the stunning natural landscape in Ireland and her experiences travelling the country to visit the numerous mountains, hills, cliffs and beaches.

Pandemic Travel Restrictions

My name is Bindhu Purushothaman, and I was born and raised in India. To me, travel is a unique way to relax. However, for many people like me who love to explore and tick places off of their travel bucket list – everything was put on halt in 2020 in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Luckily, Ireland is full of natural beauty and places to visit. I’m generally an introverted individual who transforms into an extrovert when I have the opportunity to talk about my travelling experiences. When I was choosing what country to study in, I chose Ireland because of its travel links and access to surrounding countries. Did you know that you can reach Iceland by a two hour flight from Ireland? I haven’t made it to Iceland yet, but I have been exploring Ireland.

The Irish Landscape

In my opinion, Ireland would delight people who enjoy hiking and beaches. It’s a country that appeases independent souls, social butterflies, extroverts and introverts. Ireland is a land of variety which welcomes all. It has something for everyone, from small parks to luscious vast green lands. There’s a diversity of wildlife, from morning walks alongside swans in rivers to harmless foxes crossing the road at night.

Ireland has beautiful waterfalls. There are numerous waterfalls in Ireland, perhaps due to the substantial amounts of rain. During the summer months, the trees and plants are a lively green. Autumn presents us with orange and brown shades, creating a cosy environment. The waterfalls all differ in size and shape, but to me they offer soothing music which could almost put me to sleep!


The Sea

Ireland is an Island, and has a plentiful choice of beaches for swims, dives, and picnics. On most sunny days in Ireland, I’ve made it to the beach! To the west, there’s the Atlantic Ocean and to the east, there’s the Irish Sea. The wild Atlantic waves are a surfer’s paradise!

Ireland being an island surrounded by water bodies provides us with more choices of beaches to swim, dive and to picnic. A sunny day in Ireland can be considered to be the beach day. To the east, there’s the Irish Sea and to the west, the Atlantic Ocean. The wild Atlantic waves are a surfer’s paradise. Taking a freezing dip in one of the beaches is on my to-do list!

The sea also provides amazing views and cliff walks. When I’m on the cliffs, I see a mixture of green meadows, tides and waves crashing into huge rocks, and lighthouses. The wind wrestles with us, showing nature’s energy. These cliffs provide a glimpse of natural beauty in all directions. On these cliff walks, I realise how tiny we are in comparison to the sea.


Last but not least, we must talk about the hills and mountains hikes in Ireland. It would be difficult to cover the numerous amounts of trekking and hiking spots within a year. There are a range of walks, some are easy and moderate, others are difficult. If you’d like to trek in a group, there are numerous trek and hiking organisations that meet at weekends. These organisations are a great way of making new friends to share these new experiences with!

Personally, I love the mountains. When I reach the top, I find peace because I’m so close to nature.

Bindhu, originally from India, studies a Masters in Cloud Computing at the National College of Ireland